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$Millions In Verdicts & Settlements

Have you or a loved one been injured in a construction accident? With over 35 years of experience with construction accident related cases in White Plains, Westchester County and surrounding areas, Curan & Ahlers is ready to fight for you. If you're looking for experienced construction injury attorneys, give us a call today.

We handle many different construction injury cases such as burns, back and neck injuries, falls or collisions, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, amputation, construction accidents, scaffolding accidents, and more that result in many different surgeries and more.

Keith J. Ahlers - Founding Partner


Damages White Plains Construction Accident Victims Could Be Awarded In Court:

  • Loss in Wages - current and estimated future earnings

  • Hospital & Medical Expenses - current and estimated future costs

  • Professional medical care such as physical therapists or psychologists

  • Pain & Suffering

Types of Claims and Lawsuits For Construction Site Injuries

  • Personal Injury Claims

  • Wrongful Death

  • Workers' Compensation

  • Product Liability

Common Construction Accidents In White Plains & Westchester County

  • Scaffolding accidents

  • Construction fall accidents

  • Construction equipment accidents including defective equipment

  • Welding accidents

  • Explosions

  • Electrocutions

  • Falling debris or objects

  • Collapsed structures

  • Transportation accidents on construction sites

  • Hazardous or toxic material 

  • And More

Who could be liable for your construction site injury or accident in Westchester County?

  • Manufacturers

  • Engineers or Architects

  • Contractors or sub-contractors

  • Construction Site Owner(s)

  • And More

Scaffolding Accidents Lawyer In Westchester County, NY

At Curan & Ahlers, we've handled many scaffolding accidents over the years and we were able to recover damages for our clients. According to Ask Environmental Health Safety, there are roughly 4,500 workers injured yearly from scaffolding accidents. It's extremely dangerous given the height of scaffolding accidents and some of the causes are:

  • Poor/weak planks

  • Faulty construction equipment

  • Failure to follow safety protocol

  • Lack of training

  • Failure to provide proper supervision

  • Change in weather or other environmental conditions such as wind, temperature and more

Manufacturer Liability

In the construction industry, manufacturers produce the equipment used on the job site. These manufacturers are accountable for maintaining safe products. Some of the equipment and/or products that have been known to be defective or dangerous include but are not limited to: scaffolding, cranes, bulldozers, forklifts, and much more. Defective and/or faulty scaffolding is among the most dangerous products that manufacturers produce. This is due to the shear distance a construction worker could fall if the scaffolding is defective. If you're looking for a scaffolding accidents lawyer in Westchester County, give us a call today.

How Can a Scaffold Accident Lawyer Help?

Scaffolding and ladder accidents may result in construction workers filing a workers compensation claim. If you filed a workers compensation claim you may still be able to file a legal claim if the negligence was caused by a third party. This third party may be liable for your scaffolding injuries. 

If you need a scaffolding accident lawyer in White Plains, give us a call today so we can discuss your case and how we can help.

How Can a Construction Site Injury Attorney in Westchester County Help You?

Have you tried to recover lost wages through workers' compensation benefits? You or a loved one may have gone through a traumatic experience after falling from scaffolding or another injury on a construction site. The last worry you want is filing a workers compensation claim. If you have already filed you may have found out that the benefits are typically inadequate and aren't enough to cover lost wages, medical bills, earning capacity, and more. This is where Curan & Ahlers can help. We can help ensure that you and your family are protected and we'll fight to get the compensation you deserve.

White Plains Construction On The Rise

Construction in Westchester was hot prior to the pandemic, stopped during the pandemic, and now going full steam ahead. 

Many of the local hospitals have led the way with construction projects including White Plains Hospital; Mt. Vernon Hospital, and St. Johns Hospital in Yonkers;

Over 3,000 new construction jobs have been created by the Westchester County Industrial Development Agency involved in three major downtown White Plains projects.  They include a senior living facility on Bloomingdale Road; a $500,000.00 million dollar redevelopment of the former Westchester Pavilion Mall; and a  $600 million dollar residential/commercial redevelopment of the former White Plains mall.

Beside these ongoing projects there are presently 11 other proposed projects pending. 


How Dangerous Are Construction Jobs?

The construction industry is a vital part of the U.S. economy. The labor of construction workers impacts every facet of our lives: from the quality of the buildings where we live and work to the safety of the streets where we drive.

We rarely stop to consider that construction workers put their lives at risk every day when they go to work. Statistics show construction one of the most dangerous industries in the United States:

  • According to the Associated General Contractors of America, the construction industry consists of over 680,000 employers, with over 7 million workers nationwide.

  • One in every five workplace deaths involves a worker in the construction industry.

  • Over one-third of all construction deaths result from a fall.


Where Do Construction Accidents Happen?

When you think about a construction site, images of large equipment and scaffolding likely come to mind. But construction sites do not just exist on city blocks. They are everywhere we turn. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 849,570 Americans worked as construction laborers in one recent year. An additional 227,460 held the title of construction manager, with carpenters, electricians, and operating engineers accounting for 611,070, 503,660, and 245,320 workers respectively.

With so many workers employed in construction, accidents happen in virtually every conceivable setting:

  • City buildings: In one recent year, Brooklyn had more active construction projects than any other borough of New York City. At the time there were 2,800 active permits on file. The largest project was a 3.9 million square foot skyscraper. Working on city buildings comes with particular risks. Not only must workers do their jobs at extreme heights, they must also contend with limited space and numerous distractions, which can make it difficult for workers to get their job done safely.

  • Roadways: Millions of people drive through road construction every day. It’s easy to take for granted just how dangerous roadway construction is for workers. Traffic workers must fight inclement weather, limited space, and oncoming traffic. Repair work on bridges, traffic lights, or in areas of high traffic leave workers particularly vulnerable to injury.

  • Homes and offices: New home builds, repairs, and renovations make up a good portion of the construction industry. While these jobs may be more secluded and provide more space, they provide different challenges. Workers are usually unfamiliar with the area they are working with and may not be aware of hidden dangers. Additionally, homeowners may put added pressure on workers to complete a job quickly.

  • Manufacturing facilities: The manufacturing industry is growing, as is the demand for new buildings. In addition to the normal hazards, workers have to install heavy, and often dangerous, equipment.


How Do Accidents Happen?

Construction jobs come with a wide variety of inherent dangers, but there are some aspects of the job that are notoriously risky. In construction, there are four types of accidents that happen more than any other. These accidents are commonly referred to as the “fatal four.” Incidents involving the fatal four account for 57 percent of all construction fatalities and consist of:



Falls are the most common cause of fatality at construction sites. Construction workers often have to climb to extreme heights. For a one-story house, this may be 11 or 12 feet. But for larger buildings like office buildings and apartment complexes, heights can reach hundreds of feet. At these heights, workers must use proper fall protection devices. Falls from lower heights can cause broken bones, spinal cord injuries, or traumatic brain injuries, while falls from higher heights will usually result in death.


Struck by Object

Construction sites are noisy, dirty, and crowded. Workers often struggle to stay alert for dangers. Struck by object injuries happen when a person gets hit by an object that falls or swings. This may include large objects like beams or wrecking balls, or a worker may become injured when a smaller object such as a hand tool falls from above.



Specialized contractors often handle discrete aspects of a construction project simultaneously, which means even if they understand all of the risks involved in their particular jobs, others on the construction site may not. Electrical work, especially, puts workers at risk. If a wire is not properly labeled, not turned off, or exposed, an unsuspecting worker can come in contact with it and sustain a severe electrical injury. Electrocutions contribute to 9 percent of construction site fatalities. Injuries may include burns, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, or organ damage.


Caught Between Objects

Caught between objects accounts for 2 percent of construction fatalities. These injuries happen when a person or body part becomes pinned between two or more objects, such as a piece of machinery and a building or a moving tool. The type of injury will depend on the location of the injury at the objects involved. Usually, caught in between incidents involve crush injuries, resulting in broken bones, lacerations, and amputations.

Five Reasons for Westchester Construction Accidents

The dangers on construction sites are well-known. So, why do construction accidents happen? For the most part, the answer is “human error,” especially:

  1. Poor training: Workers need to understand how to stay safe on the job. Their employers have a special responsibility to train them in safety practices and techniques on construction sites. Poor or inadequate safety training, unfortunately, puts everyone on a job site at risk of severe injury.

  2. Lack of or improper safety devices: Large volumes of regulations dictate the nature and type of safety equipment that workers should always use on a job site. Inadequate or broken safety equipment often puts workers’ lives in danger.

  3. Unsafe conditions: Rain, fog, snow, and excessive heat can all make for dangerous work conditions. When workers work in unsafe conditions, they risk accidents and injury.

  4. Defective construction materials and equipment: The raw materials workers use to lay foundations and to frame out a building, as well as the tools they use to work with those materials, should not put them at risk. Unfortunately, materials and equipment sometimes hide dangerous defects that cause accidents and injuries.

  5. Heavy workloads: Exhaustion can lead to poor decision making and lack of concentration on a construction site; factors that often lead to catastrophic accidents and injuries.


Six Common Construction Site Injuries

As we noted above, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, one out of every five workplace fatalities in 2018 occurred in the construction industry. The industry also has 71 percent more non-fatal injuries than any other industry. Common injuries include:

  1. Traumatic brain injuries: Traumatic brain injuries occur when the brain sustains damage from a blow or penetrating head injury. TBIs display a wide variety of symptoms, all of which can prove debilitating. A so-called “mild” TBI (a.k.a., “concussion”) can leave a victim with chronic fatigue, headaches, and “brain fog.” More severe TBIs can cause lasting motor, cognitive, and emotional impairments. In the worst cases, TBI results in a permanent loss of consciousness.

  2. Spinal cord injuries: Spinal cord injuries happen when the spinal cord sustains severe trauma, often from a violent fall. These injuries often result in paralysis and require lifelong treatment.

  3. Burns: Burns can happen as the result of contact with a hot surface, electrocution, or exposure to chemicals (among other causes). They can cause excruciating pain and leave victims with permanent scars. Severe burns pose an extreme risk of infection and can cause nerve damage and physical disabilities.

  4. Lacerations and contusions: Unfortunately, cuts, scrapes, and bruises happen frequently on a job site. While most injuries are minor, if they are not treated, they can cause infection. You should always have a doctor examine any deep cuts as they may involve nerve damage and may risk getting infected.

  5. Strains: Any worker who does heavy lifting is at risk of a strain injury. Strains happen when you overextend your ligaments or tendons. To prevent strains on the job, practice proper lifting and always use safety equipment.

  6. Broken bones: Falling from scaffolding or other construction material happens all the time at construction sites. If you fall from a substantial height then breaking a bone is a common occurrence. 


Westchester Construction Accident FAQ: How Our Lawyers Can Help You

The construction industry is a rewarding yet often dangerous career for carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and others. Industry workers trust that safeguards are in place to prevent them from harm or possible death. If your day on a construction site turned tragic, you may face extensive medical bills, missed time from work, or the loss of your career. In especially tragic circumstances, you may lose a close loved one forever due to a fall or other disastrous event.

At Curan & Ahlers, LLP, we fight for construction accident victims. Almost 25 years of experience, we have helped numerous clients move on from injuries and losses they sustained on construction sites. we’re fighting for the benefits you need.

Time is of the essence. Act quickly to protect your chance for compensation. Contact Curan & Ahlers, LLP, for a free case evaluation. Let a member of our team get to work for you as soon as possible.

If you’ve been injured in a construction accident in White Plains, Westchester County or surrounding areas give us a call at (914) 428-3313 for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.

See also: Yonkers Construction Accident Attorneys

If you are searching for a trustworthy and qualified construction accident attorney, you are in the right place. With Millions won for construction workers injured on site, our team is ready to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Keep reading to learn more about construction accident lawyers and accidents.


New York City Construction Related Accident Reports 

New York City is one the largest cities in the world, and with any large city, the landscape is always changing with new and multiple construction projects popping up on any given block. Many of these construction projects can have hundreds of people working on the job site at any given time. From construction workers to structural engineers, to plumbers, electricians, and HVAC technicians, it takes a lot of moving parts, and a lot of people to complete a construction project of a multi-level urban complex. With a building project that is so large, it may be inevitable that some accidents may occur. Ideally, we all would love for an accident free work environment, but the reality is, construction projects are dangerous. Many workers are at risk of suffering a workplace accident each day they are on the job site. 


In New York City, all construction accidents are reported to the New York City Department of Buildings. Because these accidents are reported to the NYC DOB each month, we can look at public information that lists the accident events, their location, and the date and time the accident occured. By reviewing this data, we can then see how many construction site accidents occur on a monthly basis. The NYC DOB keeps up to 4-years of accident data on their website for public use. 


Here are a few figures for recent months:

  • June 2021: 50 unique construction site accident reports filed across the 5 NYC boroughs. 

  • May 2021: 37 unique construction site accident reports filed across the 5 NYC boroughs. 

  • April 2021: 34  unique construction site accident reports filed across the 5 NYC boroughs.

  • March 2021: 34 unique construction site accident reports filed across the 5 NYC boroughs.

  • February 2021: 28 unique construction site accident reports filed across the 5 NYC boroughs.

  • January 2021: 35 unique construction site accident reports filed across the 5 NYC boroughs.


As you can see, though workplace accidents are not out of control, with so many construction projects going on at any given time within the 5 boroughs of NYC, you are bound to have a few accidents. By looking at the data made publicly available by the NYC DOB we can see that in the first half of 2021 there were 218 construction site accidents reported. You will also notice that the number of accidents seem to increase in the summer months when construction projects are running at full capacity with the better weather conditions. 




Types of construction accident injury cases

There are several types of claims and lawsuits that could be filed on behalf of someone who has experienced an injury on the job while working on a construction site. The most common types of accident injury cases include personal injury claims, wrongful death, worker’s compensation, and product liability lawsuits. 

Here is a brief description of each type of accident injury case: 

  • Personal injury claim: This is a lawsuit that claims that because of another party’s negligence, an injury occurred that might have otherwise been preventable. A personal injury is an injury to one’s body, mind, or emotions; an injury that is not to one’s property. You may be entitled to compensation for medical bills and other damages. 

  • Wrongful death claim: Essentially, a wrongful death lawsuit is brought against a defendant who has caused someone’s death because of negligence or an intentional act. The claim can be filed by the estate of the deceased which can be represented by a surviving family member who has been affected by the death.

  • Worker’s compensation claim: Worker’s compensation is a type of insurance that a company pays for that will cover your medical bills and lost wages in the event of a workplace accident. 

  • Product liability claim: A product liability claim holds all parties along the chain of manufacture of a particular product responsible for resulting injury and/or damage. 


As you can see, there are a few different types of cases that you may have to consider if you are injured on the job at a construction site. The best thing you can do is to consult an attorney as soon as you are able to. An attorney will be able to review the details of your circumstances and advise you on the best path forward. 




Types of injuries from construction site accidents

The complexity of a New York City job site can create conditions that allow for a wide range of different injury types. 


Here is a brief list of some of the most common construction site accident types:

  • Construction fall accidents.

  • Welding burns and accidents.

  • Explosions.

  • Electrocutions. 

  • Scaffolding accidents.

  • Struck-by falling debris or objects accidents.

  • Transportation accidents on job sites.

  • Hazmat or toxic material accidents. 

  • Defective equipment accidents.


These are just a few examples of the many types of construction accidents that you or someone you love are at risk of every day you show up to work as a construction worker in the city of New York. 


Who’s Liable For Injuries After a Construction Accident in New York?

There are several labor laws that hold company owners and contractors liable to provide and to take reasonable steps to give workers, and visitors to a job site, a safe environment. It is the general duty of the owners and contractors to ensure all equipment, machinery, and devices are positioned, operated, and guarded in a secure manner. These protections are outlined in New York Labor Law 200. New York labor law 240 protects the rights of construction workers who suffer a fall or who are struck by a falling object. New York Labor Law 241 addresses construction situations that involve demolition, excavations, and safety equipment. This law also addresses the construction of flooring, and any type of hoisting equipment, including elevators. 


If you are a construction worker in New York and you are injured on the job site, you will need to consult an attorney to determine if your injury is covered under New York Labor Laws 200, 240, or 241. 


Who’s responsible for construction site accidents?

As a construction worker or someone who works at construction sites often, you are exposed to a variety of dangers. If you are injured on a construction site, multiple parties may be liable. In most cases, there are a number of parties involved in the control of a project site. Parties that may be responsible for construction site accidents include.:

  • Construction site owner

  • General and sub-general contractors

  • “Prime” contractors

  • Architects and engineers

  • Manufacturers of construction machinery or equipment

  • Insurers


If you are injured on a construction site, you should hire an accident attorney that specializes in construction. You will want an attorney who is familiar with the complexities of construction site cases.





In need of a construction accident attorney? Curan & Ahlers has been serving injury victims since 1986. With 35 years and counting of legal expertise in personal injury litigation, Curan & Ahlers is ready to fight for you. Whether you are unsure you have a case or not, you can take advantage of a free consultation with an experienced lawyer. Curan & Ahlers can handle cases throughout New York. Contact our team of expert construction accident lawyers that are ready to listen and help you today.


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