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"I was so thankful and grateful to work with Mr. Ahlers. He was so kind and willing to work with me. He was straight to the point and worked for ME. I would refer his practice to everyone. Family based. Thank you."

Eastchester Car Accident Lawyers

Experienced Eastchester Car Accident Attorneys


At Curan & Ahlers, we understand the challenges and complexities faced by individuals involved in car accidents in Eastchester. As a leading personal injury law firm in New York, we are dedicated to providing exceptional legal assistance to those impacted by car accidents. Our team, known for its compassionate and client-focused approach, has a proven track record of securing successful outcomes in car accident cases.


If you’ve been injured in any way call us at (914) 428-3313 for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.


Why Choose Curan & Ahlers for Your Eastchester Car Accident Case

​Our firm boasts years of experience in handling car accident cases, with a deep understanding of the laws and regulations in New York. We take pride in our history of securing favorable settlements and verdicts for our clients. Our dedicated attorneys work tirelessly to ensure that every client receives the personalized attention they deserve. Don't just take our word for it; our client testimonials reflect our commitment to excellence.


Understanding Car Accidents in Eastchester


Car accidents can happen for various reasons, including distracted driving, speeding, and adverse weather conditions. In Eastchester, like other parts of New York, we see a range of accidents from minor fender-benders to more serious collisions. Our firm stays updated with the latest statistics and trends to better serve our community.


Legal Services Offered


Our services begin with a thorough case evaluation and consultation. We delve deep into investigating each case, gathering crucial evidence, and constructing a robust argument. Our team negotiates diligently with insurance companies and is prepared to represent you in court if necessary.


Common Eastchester Car Accident Injuries and Compensations


In Eastchester, NY, as in many other places, individuals involved in car accidents can suffer a range of injuries, varying in severity from minor to life-threatening. One of the most common types of injuries are soft tissue injuries, which include whiplash. Whiplash occurs when the sudden movement of a collision causes the neck to jerk rapidly, damaging muscles and ligaments. This can lead to long-term discomfort and mobility issues if not properly treated.


Another frequent outcome of car accidents is head and brain injuries. These can range from mild concussions, which might resolve with proper rest and medical attention, to severe traumatic brain injuries that can have lasting effects on an individual's cognitive and physical abilities. The force of a collision can cause the head to strike an object like a steering wheel or window, leading to these types of injuries.


Broken bones are also not uncommon in car accidents. The impact can easily fracture ribs, arms, legs, and other bones. These injuries can vary in severity and sometimes require surgery or physical therapy for complete recovery. In more severe accidents, spinal cord injuries can occur, potentially leading to paralysis or other permanent disabilities. Even a seemingly minor accident can result in herniated discs or other spinal injuries that may cause chronic pain or mobility issues.


Additionally, cuts and lacerations are often seen in car accident victims. These can be caused by shattered glass or sharp metal edges exposed in a crash. While some cuts may be superficial, others can be deep and risk infection or cause significant blood loss.


Lastly, psychological trauma is a significant and often overlooked consequence of car accidents. Many individuals experience anxiety, PTSD, or depression following an accident, especially in cases of severe or life-threatening collisions. These psychological impacts can be as debilitating as physical injuries and require professional treatment to overcome.


Each of these injury types can have a profound impact on an individual's life, affecting their ability to work, perform daily activities, and enjoy life as they did before the accident. It's vital for anyone involved in a car accident to seek immediate medical attention, even if no injuries are immediately apparent, as some symptoms can take time to manifest.

The Legal Process for Car Accident Claims


The legal process for car accident claims in Eastchester, New York, typically involves several steps, which are generally consistent with the broader legal procedures in the state of New York. Here’s an overview of the process:


Seek Medical Attention and Report the Accident: Immediately after a car accident, it’s important to seek medical attention, even if injuries seem minor. This not only ensures health and safety but also provides medical records that are crucial for your claim. Additionally, the accident should be reported to the police, and a police report should be obtained, as it serves as an official record.


Document the Accident and Gather Evidence: If possible, take photos of the accident scene, including vehicle positions, damages, and any relevant road conditions or signs. Gather contact information and statements from witnesses. This evidence can be vital in establishing the facts of the case.


Notify Your Insurance Company: Inform your insurance company about the accident as soon as possible. Be cautious in your communication and avoid admitting fault or giving detailed statements without consulting a lawyer.


Consult a Personal Injury Attorney: It’s advisable to consult with an attorney who specializes in car accident claims. They can provide legal advice, help understand your rights, and guide you through the legal process.


Investigation and Filing a Claim: Your attorney will investigate the accident, gather evidence, and may work with accident reconstruction experts if necessary. They will then file a claim on your behalf, either with your insurance company or the at-fault party’s insurer, depending on the circumstances.


Negotiation with Insurance Companies: Once the claim is filed, there will be a period of negotiation between your attorney and the insurance companies involved. The goal here is to reach a fair settlement that covers all your damages, including medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.


Filing a Lawsuit (if necessary): If a satisfactory settlement cannot be reached, your attorney may recommend filing a lawsuit. In New York, this must be done within three years of the date of the accident, according to the state’s statute of limitations.


Discovery and Pre-Trial Activities: In the litigation phase, both sides will engage in discovery, exchanging information and evidence related to the case. This phase may include depositions, requests for documents, and interrogatories.


Mediation or Arbitration: Before going to trial, there may be an attempt to resolve the case through mediation or arbitration, which are less formal and often quicker than a trial.


Trial: If the case goes to trial, both sides will present their evidence and arguments. A judge or jury will then make a decision regarding fault and damages.


Appeal (if necessary): If either party is dissatisfied with the trial outcome, they can appeal the decision to a higher court.


It's important to note that each car accident case is unique, and the process can vary based on the specific circumstances. Legal counsel is essential in navigating these steps effectively. At Curan & Ahlers, we regularly handle car accident cases and are here to help with yours. 


Contacting Curan & Ahlers for Your Car Accident Case


At Curan & Ahlers, we are committed to helping Eastchester's car accident victims. We encourage you to reach out for a consultation to discuss your case. Our team is ready to advocate for your rights and work towards the compensation you deserve.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident in Eastchester, we're here to help. Contact our team of expert lawyers that are ready to listen and fight for you today.



Motorcyclist killed when defendant vehicle made a sudden left turn in front of her


Pedestrian crossing street struck by tow truck requiring back surgery


Passenger in Diplomatic van seriously injured requiring neck surgery when defendant vehicle went through light


Motorcyclist struck at intersection resulting in broken leg


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