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Motorcyclist killed when defendant vehicle made a sudden left turn in front of her
Pedestrian crossing street struck by tow truck requiring back surgery
Passenger in Diplomatic van seriously injured requiring neck surgery when defendant vehicle went through light


Motorcyclist struck at intersection resulting in broken leg



Motorcyclist killed when defendant vehicle made a sudden left turn in front of her


Pedestrian crossing street struck by tow truck requiring back surgery


Passenger in Diplomatic van seriously injured requiring neck surgery when defendant vehicle went through light


Motorcyclist struck at intersection resulting in broken leg

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Have you been injured in an accident? With over 35 years of experience with accident-related cases, Curan & Ahlers is ready to fight for you. Curan & Ahlers handles accident-related cases in the Westchester County area. If you're looking for experienced injury attorneys, give us a call today.

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New York Hip Injury Attorneys

Are hip injuries serious?

Serious hip injuries can occur due to a fall, a car accident, or a defective hip replacement surgery or device. The hip joint is essential for walking, standing, and many other movements. Injuries to the hip and defective hip replacements can cause severe pain and limited mobility, making it difficult for people to perform routine activities of daily living. Hip replacements remove damaged or worn-out bone and replace it with a ball-in socket joint. The joint can be metal, plastic or ceramic but any of these can be defective. 


Over 250, 000 hip replacements are performed each year in the U.S. some of which cause failure of the joint, especially in metal to metal implants which include about one-third of all hip replacements. We place our trust in the companies and manufacturers who create medical devices like hip replacements. But sometimes these manufacturers have created products that are unsafe which can lead to injuries, health problems, limited mobility or even death. If you or your loved one  has suffered due to a defective medical device like a hip replacement or complications due to surgery, and you need a personal injury attorney, we are ready to help you get the compensation you deserve.


Each year over 300,000 people over 65 are hospitalized for hip fractures from falls or injuries. Depending on the force and impact of the fall, you could experience a range of hip injuries such as a fracture, dislocation, sprain, or strain. Car accidents, back injuries, and slip & fall accidents can cause hip injuries due to the impact and force involved. And many of these injuries cause the need for hip replacements. Seek medical attention immediately if you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your hip.


What hip injuries are medical emergencies?

1. Hip dislocation: This occurs when the femoral head is completely forced out of the hip socket. This is usually due to a traumatic injury and causes severe pain, swelling, and difficulty in moving the leg.
2. Fractures: Hip fractures are common in elderly adults and can occur due to falls or accidents. A broken hip causes extreme pain and immobilization, and immediate medical attention is necessary.
3. Avulsion fractures: This is when the bone is pulled away from the hip joint due to a sudden force. It commonly occurs in young athletes and requires immediate medical attention.


If you suspect you have any of these conditions, please seek medical help immediately.

How long is recovery time for a hip injury?

The length of recovery for a hip injury depends on the type and severity of the injury, the age and overall health of the patient, and the chosen treatment options. Recovery time can vary greatly from patient to patient. For hip fractures, patients often need surgery followed by physical therapy and rehabilitation, which can take from a few months up to a year. Recovery after hip replacement surgery may require a lengthy hospital stay and several months of rehabilitation. 

What common hip injuries require surgery?

You may need hip replacement surgery if you fracture your hip during a fall, or receive an injury from arthritis or a bone disease. The goal of hip replacement surgery is to relieve pain from the damaged or diseased joint, improve the function of the hip joint and increase mobility. 

A hip revision surgery is a surgical procedure to fix or replace a previously implant hip prosthesis or joint replacement that is defective or damaged. The goal of this surgery is to correct the issue with the implant and restore hip function and mobility. Common reasons for hip revision surgery include implant loosening, fracture or dislocation of the implant components, infection, component wear and erosion, or implant breakage

Hip fractures frequently require surgery because screws or plates are used to fix the broken bone. With a dislocated hip, surgery is needed to put the ball and socket back into its normal position. Surgery may be required to repair a torn labrum, the cartilage that lines the hip socket.


Can you sue for a failed hip replacement?

In order to have a successful lawsuit, you need a hip replacement attorney to prove that the failure of the hip replacement is due to the negligence of the surgeon, or the manufacturer of the device. Other reasons to consider filing a lawsuit are the use of defective or faulty implants, a failure to properly inform the patient of potential risks associated with the procedure, surgical errors or negligence, or a failure to diagnose or treat post-surgical complications.


Is hip replacement considered a permanent disability?

Hip replacement surgery is not necessarily considered a permanent disability. In most cases, the goal of hip replacement surgery is to improve mobility and reduce pain caused by a damaged or diseased hip joint. Many people who undergo hip replacement surgery are able to return to their normal activities and enjoy a good quality of life.
However, there may be some cases where the patient experiences ongoing pain, limited mobility, or other complications following hip replacement surgery that may limit their ability to work or perform daily activities. In these cases, it may be possible to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits or other types of disability insurance. Ultimately, the impact of hip replacement surgery on a person's ability to work or perform daily activities will depend on a variety of factors, including the success of the surgery, the severity of the original condition, and the patient's overall health.


When permanent disability happens due to negligence, meeting with a hip injury attorney and filing a lawsuit should be strongly considered. 


Can you sue for nerve damage after hip replacement?

A hip injury lawyer may sue for nerve damage after a hip replacement, particularly if the damage was caused by medical malpractice or negligence. Nerve damage is a known risk associated with hip replacement, and surgeons are trained to take appropriate measures to minimize the risk of nerve damage during surgery. If you experience nerve damage following your hip replacement surgery, a hip replacement injury lawyer may be eligible to file a medical malpractice lawsuit to recover damages for you.

What is the average settlement for nerve damage?

The amount of a settlement for nerve damage in a hip replacement can vary widely and may depend on the extent of the nerve damage, the degree of pain and suffering, the cost of medical expenses and rehabilitation, and the degree of negligence caused by the surgeon, the medical staff or the manufacturer of the device. The best way to determine a potential settlement is to contact us for a consultation at Curan & Ahlers. 

Why choose Curan & Ahlers as your hip replacement & injury attorneys?

Filing a personal injury lawsuit requires in depth knowledge of the judicial system. At Curan & Ahlers, we have the expertise to confidently fight for your rights. If you have suffered from debilitating injuries due to a defective hip replacement, you need the right attorneys by your side who are not afraid to stand up and fight for you. We will not stop working until you receive the compensation you deserve. Our commitment is unwavering when it comes to holding manufacturers of medical devices accountable for creating harmful products. Our attorneys are highly trained to represent you. We offer a free consultation for every case. It is our belief that every client should be treated with dignity, fairness and respect. We provide services across five boroughs of New York City, including White Plains, Westchester County, Rockland County, Dutchess County, Putnam County, Orange County, and Sullivan County.



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