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20 Injured in Deck Collapse

Twenty people were injured and fifteen were hospitalized when a deck collapsed in Hartford, CT this weekend.

The accident occurred during a family celebration, and it is being reported that the victims suffered a variety of injuries which are not considered life-threatening. According to fire officials, the second-floor porch collapsed, plunging the party-goers twenty feet onto the ground level.

An eyewitness account was provided by local resident Carlos DeJesus, “I see the, the porch it was completely destroyed. Everything came down. When I’m heading out the door I see an old woman on the floor. I see kids here a seizure over here so it’s like what’s going on.”

We are all thankful that the injuries appear to not be life-threatening, but there has been no other word on the extent of the injuries suffered. As a New York personal injury law firm, we understand that while in this case the injuries suffered may not be life-threatening, injuries suffered due to a deck collapse or construction defect can be severe.

If you are a victim of a deck, building, or structure collapse; or have been injured due to a construction defect, it is important to explore your options and understand your rights.

The personal injury specialist at Curan & Ahlers can provide you with a free, no-pressure, no-obligation consultation to provide you with a better understanding of your rights and your current situation.

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