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Medtronic Defribillator – What is It?

The defibrillator is a device that has saved many lives. Most people think of them as the external devices used to shock people back to life in movies and television. However, recent innovations have led to the creation of defibrillator that can be implanted inside a patients body. Prior to this, people who suffered from an irregular heartbeat had to rely on medication and hope that their hearts would hold up. Internal defibrillators changed this. They work as a regulator for the heart. When a patient’s heartbeat becomes irregular, the system sends a “shock” to the heart; forcing it back into rhythm.

This all sounds good, doesn’t it? A life saving device that keeps irregular hearts in their proper rhythm. What could go wrong? The answer to that question is, sadly; a lot.

Due to recent problems that have arises in regard to one particular product, we have heard numerous tragic stories of pain and suffering from people who thought they were receiving a life saving device. The product in question is a defibrillator manufactured by Medtronic, Inc.

The problem with these Medtronic defibrillators is that one component of the system was poorly designed and has been malfunctioning. This component is a wire attached to the defibrillator known as the Sprint Fidelis wire lead. As we explained before, the defibrillator is supposed to work as a regulator for the heart. Shocking the heart to keep it on a proper rhythm. This wire is responsible for transmitting information to the device, so that it knows when to send a shock to the heart.

The problem is that this wire has been tearing at an alarming rate, causing a variety of dangerous situations. The device can stop working and fail to deliver a life saving shock to a patient’s heart. It has also been known to cause the defibrillator to send out a constant shock, painfully electrocuting a disoriented and confused patient.

These issues have caused Medtronic to send letters to medical providers across the country warning them of the defect. They have also pulled the device from the market, which does nothing to help the hundreds of thousands of patients who have already had this device implanted into their bodies.  Contacting an experienced Medtronic lawyer to review your options is always a good idea.

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