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Not Everything Is Better in Texas

Recently Texas has undergone a major overhaul of its medical malpractice regulations.  Caving in to medical lobbyist organizations, Texas has made it almost impossible to sue doctors for malpractice.  While many of you who believe lawyers abuse medical malpractice lawsuits by filing unnecessary, unfair suits may be happy about this on paper, in practice it endangers everyone who sets foot in a doctor’s office or hospital.

According to MSNBC Doctor Stefan Konasiewicz went on trial Tuesday in Corpus Christi for botching a procedure that left a patient severely impaired.  The doctor originally practiced in Minnesota, but in 2007 was sanctioned by their medical board for unethical and unprofessional conduct.  He also had pending malpractice suits that resulted in at least one death.  He lost his ability to practice medicine in Minnesota without a qualified doctor present to “supervise” him.

Konasiewicz  was unqualified to practice in most other states, but he saw the bright lights of a state with no malpractice suits and no oversights and continued ruining people’s lives there.  Not only is he allowed to practice, but he has privileges at three offices and a children’s hospital!

So, next time you hear about someone wanting to “clean up” medical malpractice laws, be careful.  Next thing you know Stefan Konasiewicz might be operating on your child.

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