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The Devil In the Church Van

60 Minutes II 15-Passenger Van rollover report from VanAngels on Vimeo.

Curan & Ahlers was recently called upon to represent four people, two of whom were killed, when the church van they were riding in rolled over when a tire blew out. A total of six people died, and six people were injured on their way to another congregation’s church dinner. In preparing for an upcoming mediation, we found a “60 minutes” video segment that explains the problems with these vans. Given the number of churches that use these vans for different reasons these cases are called “church van cases.” Federal laws were recently changed to prohibit schools from using them, but churches tend to still use them.

Seeing the devastating effects of these crashes on peoples’ lives we feel a responsibility to let people know the dangers of riding in these vans. We would ask people to spread the word about this issue to pastors, friends and churches. These vans are surprisingly deadly, even at low speed.

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